Artisans Consortium International (ACI) is a full-service entity, owned and operated by
Certified Master Artisans.  It is our goal to preserve the ancient art of Italian plastering,
while innovating for modern applications. 

ACI provides you with the highest quality plastering services and professionals using our
unique Arete Methodsm system for selecting and training Certified Master Artisans for your project.

The Arete Methodsm integrates precise application techniques, creativity, an unfaltering
work ethic and the finest plaster products in the world.

ACI's organization of select, highly skilled artisans are unequalled in the industry.
Each individual is trained and certified here in the United States by the Safra Decoration
Academy. This insures the exact method of application established by the Safra headquarters
in Verona Italy.

With a expansive network of Certified Master Artisans, ACI has the proven capacity to handle
any scale project without compromise in quality. 

From residential to large commercial projects, you can trust ACI to provide the finest installation
- all backed by the reliability of superior project management and coordination.

ACI is proud to be listed on provides the industry with a comprehensive source of over 200,000 products from more than 900 manufacturers. Buyers can source products of all types, price points, styles and applications for residentialzand commercial projects.