ACI is owned and operated by Certified Master Artists Joseph Bronzino and Leslie Salka.
With a large national network of certified artisans, ACI has the proven expertise
to handle any scale project without compromising quality.

Our artists are certified at the SAFRA Decoration Academy in the United States as well as
in Verona, Italy, our selective network of artists will bring the highest level of quality and
design to your next project.

Clients consistently choose ACI as they exceed their expectations with a combination of
experience, dedication to customer service and cost effective results.

Joseph Bronzino
A perfectionist and a consummate professional who cares as much about the outcome of a project as the client, Joseph’s thirty years as a successful commercial photographer give him an invaluable edge with architectural aesthetics.

Those years included extensive experience with concept and creative direction; lighting, color balance and color theory; textile photography; set design and construction. Working in an artisanal mode with authentic, handcrafted materials was a natural progression. Joseph’s artistry and expertise in this unique field of master arts will beautifully transform any interior or exterior environment.

Leslie Salka
Leslie has nurtured her passion for art since early childhood. Her inspiration comes from her father, a third-generation wallcovering professional, and her mother, who introduced her to the fascinating history and cultures of Europe. In fact, Leslie was only ten years old when she made her first trip to several European countries. This rich cultural and architectural exposure and an appreciation for history are reflected in her plaster artistry.

For more than 20 years, Leslie enjoyed a career in the commercial printing industry. Beginning as a technical rep for a Dutch ink manufacturer, she transitioned to major printing companies where she was involved in advertising and publishing, overseeing a wide range of projects and establishing strong customer relationships. Discerning clienteles’ critical color and design approvals were entrusted to her expertise; and challenging deadlines were met as a result of her attention to detail

Some of her personal artistic endeavors include stained glass, wheel & hand built pottery, carpentry, calligraphy, painting, and of course, a lifelong interest in travel.

Once introduced to the SAFRA Decoration Academy, Leslie realized Italian Plaster Artistry was the natural medium to combine her varied experience with her passion and talent.